Mission Statement

"To empower the women students, and mould them to be socially, culturally, economically, morally and physically responsible, So that they are able to face the challenges ahead with confidence and courage"

The Alumni Association(KMESWAAC)
Students after completing their graduation can join this association. It conducts its meeting and programmes from time to time and maintains a strong and intimate bond with the almamater. Its informal feedbacks and suggestions help the college authorities to improve its quality. The office-bearers keep the association active by conducting various programmes.
Greetings To All Ex-Students
Ex-students association of G.M. Momin Womens College the KMESWAAC invites all the graduates and post graduates of our College to share their applaudable Achievements/designations with our ex students association. Strengthen your bond with your alma mater, by registering online using the link below as a member of ex-students association of our College.

Alumnis can now Register Here : Click This Link