Mission Statement

"To empower the women students, and mould them to be socially, culturally, economically, morally and physically responsible, So that they are able to face the challenges ahead with confidence and courage"

>>>Graduate Courses<<<

1) B.A. Degree Course

2) B.Sc. Degree Course

3) B.Com. Degree Course

4) B.Sc.(I.T.) Degree Course

5) B.M.S.

6) B.Sc. Biotechnology

>>>Post Graduate Courses<<<

1) M.A. Course

2) M.Sc. Course

3) M.Sc.(I.T.) Course

4) M.Com. Course

5) Ph.D. Course

>>>Certificate Courses(Recognised by the University of Mumbai)<<<

1) Certificate Courses

>>>Diploma Courses<<<

1) Diploma Courses