Mission Statement

"To empower the women students, and mould them to be socially, culturally, economically, morally and physically responsible, So that they are able to face the challenges ahead with confidence and courage"

President’s Message

Dear Students,

        In the 1.2 million strong town of Bhiwandi, The Konkan Muslim Education Society (KMES) once again continues in its quest to nurture and cultivate an innate enthusiasm for learning among all the students, which will serve them for their entire lives. Here we aim at focusing on the art of learning and the value of character. Our mission is to instill enthusiasm, responsibility and strong moral character in all the students, while equipping them to excel both academically and socially. I would like to emphasis on significance of developing both character as well as scholastic achievement among all the students.

        At the Konkan Muslim Education Society (KMES) we are constantly working for a better tomorrow. At any given day you can see the school and college campuses buzzing with laughter, learning, reading and writing, investigating with experiments, hands on learning, sports, art which provide students with educational, inspirational and social benefits. I would like to applaud our dedicated staff and talented faculty who have a true gift of nurturing and challenging each student, so they can reach their highest potential. Helping students develop a strong moral compass to guide them through life is also a priority at Konkan Muslim Education Society ( KMES). Here the teachers create a safe and loving environment for our students to make right choice and be responsible for their actions.

        Dear Staff, I hope that working together as a team we will move forward in our mission to create a nurturing, disciplined, and challenging environment in which all our students can learn at optimum levels and become responsible members of the society. We have so much to be proud of as a Staff, Family and Community.

        As the President, I will continue to work diligently with parents and faculty to foster an atmosphere that promotes a learning, academic excellence, trust, respect, community involvement, excellent communications. I am committed to working in collaboration with you to continue to develop and implement this shared vision.

My best wishes to one and all.