Mission Statement

"To empower the women students, and mould them to be socially, culturally, economically, morally and physically responsible, So that they are able to face the challenges ahead with confidence and courage"

From the Principal’s Desk ……….

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, serious efforts, intelligent directions and skillful execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives” – Keeping in mind the above words, and also the sacred mission of our institution “To empower women” the twenty second academic year of our college was as usual vibrant to provide holistic education to our students. It is a matter of great privilege and pleasure to me to review the report of our college for 2010-11. By the grace of Almighty our institution has grown from strength to strength and built a formidable reputation within the brief period of 22 years. Team work the fuel that enabled us to sustain quality and excellence. “Innovation” was the theme for the academic year 2010-11. We have promptly demonstrated our ability to initiate, innovate and lead. The academic year 2010-11 in particular turned to be a memorable year in the history of our college, as our college has bagged the “Best College Award” from the University of Mumbai on August 15, 2010 from the hands of Hon’ble Vice - Chancellor Dr. Rajan Welukar. It was a moment of crowning glory to each and every one associated with this college. I feel proud of being a part of this college, which makes history as a matter of routine. My gratitude in particular to the Management of K.M.E. Society, for constantly visioning the change and driving me and the team towards the change. I am grateful to all the members of the staff for their wonderful support to promote dramatic shift towards empowerment of women through this college which in turn , has given a new direction to the socio-economic status of women. We all of us at G.M.Momin College were extremely delighted to read our college news on the very first page of the Times of India dated 26th October 2010. Grateful thanks to Mr. Mohd. Wajhuddin, the renowned journalist of Times of India for writing the success story of our college. Of course it all happened due to the supreme leadership of our President Mr. Aslam Fakih.
The college offers 05 UG Programes with variety of subject options, 08 PG programmes and a Ph.D programe. M.Sc. IT progame has been introduced after the due permission of Govt. of Maharashtra and the University of Mumbai, during this academic year 2010-11.
I am privileged to inform all the stakeholders, the mile stone of achievements of our college for 2010-11,

* The college has secured three University ranks in T.Y.B.Sc. (Physics) examinations held in April 2010. University First Rank was secured by Fakih Zulfa Asif (94.75%). She also bagged the overall 3rd rank in T.Y.B.Sc. Examinations. University Second rank was secured by Momin Ansa Bano Ab. Qayyum (89.75%) and University Third rank by Rais Sadiya Ejaz Shabana (89.12%).

* In T.Y.B.A. English Literature (3 units) examinations held in April 2010, Ms. Bardi Ayesha Irfan scored the highest marks in the University of Mumbai and bagged “The Hughling Prize” and “Sarawati Advani Prize” of University of Mumbai.

* The results of T.Y.B.A. was 96.15% , B.Sc. was 92.17%, B.Sc. IT was 89.18%, B.Com was 89.23%, M.A. English was 100%, M.A. Urdu was 100%, M.A. Sociology was 100%, M.Sc. Chemistry was 75%, M.Sc. Botany was 100% and M.Sc. Zoology was 100%. The Dept. of Botany has produced 100% results for the third consecutive year.

* From our college, 272 students got graduated in June/ July 2010. 22 students got Distinction and 149 students secured I class. Through Post Graduation Centre 44 students got post graduated out of which 07 secured I class.

* The college has received UGC grants under various schemes. More Library books and Laboratory equipments have been added to facilitate the learning of staff and students. 15 OBC students got benefitted by UGC stipend (Rs. 500/- per month). 20 students were benefitted under Equal Opportunities Scheme of UGC from 2010-11. Remedial classes for F.Y/S.Y./T.Y./B.A./B.Sc. and B.Com. classes had also been arranged.

* Our College also was fortunate to receive the ICSSR Book grant of RS. 30000/- in order to equip our library with more number of social sciences books. My grateful thanks to ICSSR authroties.

* The college had completed successfully its Surveillance Audit in November 2011 by the external auditor Mr. Sinhal from Bureau of Indian Standards for ISO Certification 9001-2008, with sincere Co-ordination of Dr. Naheed Azam, the MR.

* I have been privileged to work actively as a member of the Senate of University of Mumbai, Member of Women Development Cell of University of Mumbai and also as a member of Extra Mural Studies of University of Mumbai. I once again got elected to the Senate in 2010-11 for a term of 5 years and through the Senate to the Board of Adult and Continuing Education and Extension of University of Mumbai.

* Dr. Nisar Shaikh ( Dept. of Zoology) Dr. Tabassum Sheikh ( Dept. of Philosophy) and Prof. Ayesha Faqih ( Dept. of Islamic Studies ) have been elected/ nominated to the their respective Board of Studies in the academic year 2010-11 for a term of five years.

* Prof. Jayashree Thakre has been appointed as the Field Co-ordinator for the Department of Adult and Continuation and Extension of University of Mumbai.

* Prof. Anis Choudhary has worked actively as Thane District Co-ordinator for the NSS Unit appointed by the University of Mumbai. He is also the member of advisory committee of NSS unit of University of Mumbai and also a member of Magazine Committee of University of Mumbai. He received appreciation award from Biological Association, Mumbai. He was also awarded the Best Consumer Services Award by the Consumer Protection Council of India and Kalyan Bhushan Award by the Giants Club of Kalyan.

* Dr. Tabassum Sheikh presented papers at the Seminars/ Conferences held in Mumbai University, and in Gujarat University.

* Many of our faculty members attended/ presented papers in Seminars/ Conferences at National/ International level.

* Prof. Gazala Bhoje worked as a course writer for IDOL of University of Mumbai for T.Y.B.A. and F.Y.B.A. in the subject of Sociology.

* Dr. Nisar Shaikh of Zoology Department, Prof. Jayashree Thakre of Chemistry Dept. Prof. Ayesha Fakih of Islamic Studies Dept., Prof. Archana Gupte of Botany Department completed Refresher Courses and Dr. Ritu Jain of Botany Dept. and Prof. Gazala Bhoje of Sociology Dept. completed Orientation Programme .

* Teachers’ in service Training Programme had been conducted in our college, on 28th February 2011, with sincere co-ordination of Prof. Samina Shaikh

* Six minor research projects have been undertaken by the college in 2010-11. Grant had been approved for all the six projects by the University of Mumbai. Prof. Samina Shaikh ( History), Prof. Jayashree Thakre ( Chemistry) , Prof. Archana Gupte ( Botany) , Dr. Ritu Jain ( Botany) , Dr. Nandita Singh ( Zoology) and Prof. Tarannum Shaikh ( Physics) have undertaken the minor research projects.

* Establishment of “ Innovative Club” from this academic year in order to gear our teachers towards innovative teaching methods.

* Conduct of “TQM in Education” a two day workshop for Principals of Schools at Bordi, as visualized by our President, wherein I had been fortunate to be a member of advisory committee, and also a resource person.

* 60 students of BMS and B.Sc.IT were taken by the college for industrial visit to Bangalore and Mysore accompanied by the staff.

* More than 28 students bagged the Intercollegiate prizes at various competitions organized by the sister colleges.

* Progress of our Ex-Students’ Association due to selfless efforts of the team of office bearers of KMESWAAC

       My special gratitude to Hon’ble Minister Mrs. Fauziya Khan, Minister for Minorities and Women and Child Development of Govt. of Maharashtra, Mr. P.A. Inamdar, President of Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society, Pune for having inaugurated our M.Sc. Laboratories on 14th February 2011 and facilitated the President , Principal and Staff for their achievements. Madam Mrs. Fauziya Khan congratulated the entire team of our college and expressed “The Konkan Muslim Education Society’s G.M.Momin Women’s College is an institute of excellence and I am happy to know that it inspires and nurtures the students to gain skills and values”. Impressed by the professional competency Dr. P.A. Inamdar offered the cash award to Prin. Kamala Balasubramanian and assured the President of K.M.E. Society that he will help the society to enhance the computer facilities in its campus.

The present educational system needs to address not only the economic, scientific and materialistic progress but also issues like eradication of fundamentalism, terrorism, human rights violation, global warming and preservation of natural resources in order to protect and preserve mother earth.

To promote social responsibilities our society has instituted an award “ The K.M.E. Society’s Woman Achiever Award” of Thane District from last academic year 2009-10. During this second academic year Dr. Geeta Mahajan, Founder of Bhartiya Mahila Federation, Thane Samiti was privileged to receive the cash award of Rs 25000/- and a citation on 8th March 2011 from our college. My heartiest congratulations to her.

       I appreciate Dr. Lalita Pendharkar and Dr. Pandharkar for their visit to our college and also gratefully thank them for their contribution of Rs. 1 Lakh and One Hundred during this academic year in order to install an Annual Scholarship “Shri W.W. Gurjar Scholarship” out of the interest earned to a student of B.A./B.Sc./B.Com on the basis of Merit cum means.

       It is the spirit, the vision and the dedication that matters the most, for any institution to excel. The credit goes to the President of K.M.E. Society, Mr. Aslam Fakih for constantly visioning the progress and driving the team towards the change with his persistent efforts. My grateful thanks to Dr. Musaddiq Patel, the Hon. Gen. Secretary of K.M.E. Society , for his day to day involvement and meticulous supervision on implementation of various policies. Mr. Moid Agha, the Jt. Secretary for his enthusiasm and encouragement. Mr. Abdul Rahman Fakih the treasurer for his warmth and support, and to Mr. Shafi Muqri for his commitment towards any development work. I also express my gratitude to all the patron members for their valuable contribution which enabled our college to spread its wings in a wider horizon.

       I thank the entire team of staff, students and all the stakeholders who have helped us to grow and prosper with concentrated and collective efforts.

       Let me conclude by quoting,
        “One looks back with appreciation, to brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human beings. The curriculum is so much necessary material, but warmth is the vital element for growing plant and for the soul of the child”
       Let us, therefore, continue to work together as a team, with passion and honesty to take the college to greater heights and transform the Students as worthy and productive members of the society. Learn, Visualize and Translate thoughts into action will ever be the golden rule of this college.