• Our goal is to select and award a woman in Thane District who has contributed and rendered her services and made a positive difference in the life of the underprivileged and unfortunate members of the society.
  • To acquaint and familiarize our students with the dauntless efforts, zeal and enthusiasm of woman rendering her services for a humanitarian cause. This woman can become a role model and a source of inspiration for our students.

The context

Our college having a minority status and being a purely women’s college, the president Mr. Aslam Fakih (K.M. E. Society’s) desired to acknowledge and appreciate a woman who have rendered her selfless services towards the society at large and brought a difference in the life of the underprivileged and unfortunate members of the society irrespective of caste, color, creed and religion with a secular approach. Thus he decided to launch a cash award of Rs.25,000/, a citation and a trophy.

The aim of this initiative was to sensitize our students to the social, economic and educational problems. Prevailing in the society and how to meet these challenges and overcome the problems. This award could serve as an eye opener for the students.

The practice

Throughout the year we work on gathering information about the details of the services rendered by a woman towards the society for a humanitarian cause. We also approach NGO’s and agencies in this regard. Our students approach the women social workers along with a teacher and an interview is conducted. Series of interviews are conducted where our students and teacher meet many different social workers. A scrutiny team then finally selects the awardee.

The award is given at the International Women’s Day Celebrations held every year in our college. The award comprises of a cash amount of Rs. 25,000/-, a citation and a trophy from K.M.E. Society’s G. M. Momin Women’s College. This practice motivates our students to be socially responsible and contribute their services to solve social problems like illiteracy amongst women, child labor, health and nutrition, problem of women, drop outs in education etc.

Sr. No. Name of Awardees Year Area of Work
1 Ms. Zakia Khatib March 2010 She has spent sixty years of her life in the upliftment of under privileged women and children, in the field of education and employment throughout Maharashtra, through primary schools, Bazm-e­Niswa.
2 Dr. Geetha Mahajan March 2011 She is a social activist andis the founder of BharatiyaMahila Federation (Thane Samiti). She aimed at women’s equality, secularism, socialism, democracy, education and world peace.
3 Mrs. Stella Jimmy Morais March 2012 She is founder of the organization “The Prem Seva Mahila Mandal” Kalyan, focuses primarily on the upliftment of the down trodden: women of the lower middleclass, widows and domestic workers. Balwadi play school, Adult Education Assistance and Tribal Education etc. is also provided by this organization. By listening to her experiences, our students got sensitized to social problems.
4 Ms. Pratibha Menon March 2013 Has worked for Dalit Women to solve their problem against Drug Alcohol abuse and established institutes to take care of economically backward families, beggars and orphans and victimized women in Adivasi areas.
5 Ms. Saira Banu March 2014 Fought for triple talaq, worked for upliftment of Muslim women.
6 Mrs. Eva Athavia March 2015 Being a physically handicapped yet has contributed for the self-defense of women and upliftment of poor women.
7 Dr. KrantiJejurkar March 2016 Worked for women and student empowerment and has trained many teachers for gender sensitization.
8 Mrs. Suhasini Manjrekar March 2017 Working for Blind children and helping them tostand up on their own in the society.
9 Mrs. Varsha Parchure March 2018 Working for Tribal people to help them live a stable life, educate their children and help them understand the necessity of hygiene and medical treatments.
10 Ms. Bernadette Pimenta March 2019 Founder, Sevadham, working for welfare of poor, marginalized and deprived women and children.

Title of the Practice: Conducting skill oriented training activities to equip and support students.


  • To change the mindset and outlook of the students coming from conservative background.
  • To identify student’s potentialities & train them to sharpen their entrepreneurship skill.
  • To give students hands on practice for various skill oriented training leading to employment opportunities.
  • To generate self-sufficiency among student to setup their own startups.
  • To make students to be self-reliant, to lead a secured, dignified and respectable life.


Family income of all our present students is less than Rs.8,00,000/- per annum. Our students mainly come from the conservative background where family members do not encourage girls to take up a job where they need to work for long hours in corporate outside the Bhiwandi. Hence, we have been conducting skill oriented (Income generating) training activities to promote economic self-sufficiency among these students.
Our college is keen in developing and promoting the employment opportunities and entrepreneurship skills oriented activities among women students. To achieve the mission and objectives of making the students financially independent and prosper, college has taken up the task of conducting entrepreneurship, skill oriented and income generating short term training activities.


We have successfully conducted numerous skill oriented and entrepreneurial activities by collaborating with various external agencies on campus. These activities are conducted simultaneously with the regular curriculum studies. Duration of an activity is ranging from minimum 08 hours to maximum of 03 months.
Apart from these in-house and inter-departmental activities, college also encourages and facilitates other vocational training courses like Cloth Stitching, Fashion Designing, Course in Digital Marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
DLLE unit has also been actively taking part in the development of entrepreneurship skills among the students through its project APY (Annapurna Yojna). Under this scheme, groups of students are assigned with task of preparing various food items and other handy stuffs and to market them profitably in and around campus to generate the basic income. Cultural committee and NSS Unit undertake income generating skill training through conduct of various workshops and events where experts are invited from corporate.
With an objective to provide some financial support to our needy graduating students, college has implemented “Earn and Learn” scheme in admission process since academic year 2016-17, whereby our students from Information Technology and other departments along with the Admission committee members participate in online admission process and assist the applicant students in filling of online admission forms by charging nominal fee, which is in turn, distributed among these students at the end of admission process, thereby creating a temporary source of earning helpful in payment of their own college fees.
In the same direction to provide source of earning to our students, college has also signed an Earn and Learn MOU with Quick Heal Foundation, whereby students from the department of Information Technology volunteer themselves in Cyber Security Awareness Programme. These volunteer students receive an agreed stipend amount on completion of assigned activity successfully. Besides the above initiatives taken, college also has a policy to provide employment opportunity to own needy students while graduating from college and after completion of their qualifications. Our several students have been employed during their graduation in the administrative and clerical departments as a part or full time staff and earning their livelihood while learning.

Evidence of Success

Above 2000 students have successfully completed these skill oriented activities offered by institution. Many of these students have taken up the employment opportunities in various fields applying the basic technical skills acquired through such activities. Students have setup their own startups during their graduation studies and earning, helping themselves to pay their college fee. Our students also demonstrate their technical and professional skills in various fairs and social programmes by setting up their stalls. Many graduating students have undertaken the small scale production activities from their homes and able to market their products and services using social media platforms and internet successfully.
Numerous students have been benefited in the past several years and successfully reaping the fruits of such skill oriented training initiatives, few of the examples are highlighted below as evidence of success of our practice:

  1. Mrs. Shakira Momin
  2. Mrs. Nageeena Momin.
  3. Ms. Momin Monam
  4. Ms. Khatri Hafsa Shafiq
  5. Ms. Asfiya Shaikh and Ms. Heena Momin
  6. Ms. Putta Ravalika
  7. Ms. Pushpa Paskanthi

Problem encountered & Resources required

Our students have the required set of skills and potential, but their parents do not permit them to demonstrate their skills outside the campus premise hence limiting them to the in-campus or online activities, which is creating a bottleneck in earn and learn process.
Conducting such training activities along running a strict curriculum without compromising on academic quality has always been challenging for the institution, as it requires an ongoing adjustment in time table and curriculum schedules.
A very nominal fees and registration charges are for training activities, but still students find it difficult to pay due to their poor financial condition. Hence, college has to conduct many activities free of cost resulting in deficit in many previous instances.
Qualified technical resource persons and their travelling to the city of Bhiwandi is also a factor retarding the growth and smooth conduct of such training activities in campus.