The college library was set up in the year 1989 with the establishment of the college.

Library Timing

Monday to Saturday :   7.30 am to 6.00 pm.
Issue & Return Timing : 9.30 am to 4.30 pm.

Library Location

The library is located on the ground floor of Extension building occupying an area of about 3734 sq. feet and a reading room with a seating capacity of 135 with 09 computers and internet facility for staff and students.

The library has been divided into various sections, Reading Hall, Stack Area, Research and Reference Section, UGC Resource Center, Teacher’s Reference Room, issue/ Return Counter and Competitive Exam Section.

Our college library contains a rich collection of 21132 books, 83 Periodicals, 92 Bound Volumes, 337 CDs, 72 Maps, 11 Thesis, Online collection resources (N-List) 6000 + Online Journals + 31,35,000 + E books(INFLIBNET LIST), periodicals, magazines, newspapers and Quran Read Pen, etc.


To march towards the vision and mission of the college by playing a vital role in acquisition, organization and dissemination of knowledge.

To motivate the staff and students of the college to make good use of the library.


To inculcate reading habit among all the students of the college.

Promoting the use of digital and technology-based resources.

To ensure easy access to the textbooks, reference materials, journals, periodicals, and other technologically developed library materials so that staff and students keep themselves well-informed about their subject as well as current affairs and develop their personality, with up to date knowledge.

Facilities and Services

Daily Home Lending Facility

Syllabus of all subjects

Old Question Papers

Project guidance

C.D. Lending Facility

Book Bank Service


Scholar Cards

Career Guidance

Reprographic Service

Newspaper Clipping

Internet Browsing Guidance

The library is being automated using SWIRL 4.3 version Reg.No.1028 G270608 2008 installed in the year of 2008 with bar-coded and circulation activities were managed through the software. Users can search the books in the library’s collection through OPAC ONLINE PUBLIC ACCESS CATALOGUE.

The books can be searched by ‘Title’, ‘Author’, Subject, Publishers, etc. The library is provided with User Tracking facility for the students. In the year 2019-2020, the Library is using KOHA Software.

Rules and Regulations

  • Every students should submit to the library the current Fee Receipt and two latest Passport size photographs in the Ist week of the academic year.
  • The students will then be issued an Identity Card & Reader’s Ticket.
  • Loss of Identity Card / Borrower’s Card must be reported immediately in writing to the librarian. Duplicate Cards will then be issued against payment of Rs. 50/-
  • Students must handle books with great care. Strict action will be taken against students spoiling the library books either by underlining the page or tearing the pages. If a book is lost by a student the current cost of the book will have to be paid by the student along with a fine of Rs. 50/-

Book Bank Scheme

This scheme has been introduced from the academic year 2003-2004 to help the needy students, especially the economically disadvantaged.

The needy students will have to apply to the librarian. Applications will be scrutinised by the library committee.

Deserving cases will be selected and helped.

Scholar’s Card

To stimulate the self learning, the library issues Scholar’s Cards to the first two top students from each class.

They are given extra concession of two more books for reference.

Toppers are advised to apply to the library and benefit by this facility.

Home Issue

  • Library books are issued for a period of 7 days.
  • Reference books will not be issued to take home.
  • Books issued for use at Home must be returned on or before the due date. Fine of Rs. 2 per day will be charged for late returns.
  • Students must check the book issued to them before leaving the library and bring to the notice of the library staff for any damage they may come across, such as missing pages, damaged pages etc. No complaint will be entertained afterwards.
Name of the ILMS Software Nature of automation (fully or partially) Version Year of automation
SWIRL Software Partially 4.3 2014
SWIRL Software Partially 4.3 2015
SWIRL Software Partially 4.3 2016
SWIRL Software Partially 4.3 2017
SWIRL Software Partially 4.3 2018
KOHA Ubuntu MATE (open source ILS) Fully 2019

The Integrated Library Management System (ILMS) is an automated package of library services that has several functions.

It offers following services:-

  • Speedy book circulation.
  • Different types of search engines.
  • Searches by author/ title/ subject/keyword.
  • Book Tags, ID card and Barcode generation support.
  • Flexibility in circulation policy defining.
  • Different policy for different member types and different material types.
  • Special policy allotment to special members.
  • Add & Edit Books/ Non-books: This function allows entering information about new book, class number, author name, classification number, subject & branch. Non books entry refers to CDs & DVDs.
  • Issue/ Receive books: All Books are bar coded. This helps to reduce the transaction time for “Book Issue” and “Book Return”.
  • Add/ Edit User: This allows the Librarian to add users like Alumni, Guests & other stakeholders.
  • Search Engine (OPAC): OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogues): As soon as new books are purchased and processed, their bibliographic description is added in the OPAC.
  • Reports: Various reports required by the Librarian can be generated using this function.
  • Annual Stock Verification: It generates the report for number of books available, issued, returned & purchased per year.
  • System of Purchase & Budget Approval: Library asks about the requirement of books and e-resources from the departmental library member. All departmental members prepare the list of books, journals and e-resources according to department’s requirement. The quotation of purchase is prepared and different quotations are compared. After that, the quotation is sent to principal for approval of purchase.
Library Services Best Services
Circulation Service Library Orientation Program
Reference Service Internet Facility
Old Question Papers Book Bank Facility
C.D. Lending Facility Career Guidance
Weeding Out Policy Scholars Cards
Newspaper Clipping
INFLIBNET N-List Membership
NDL of India Registration

Library Commitee

Sr. No.NamePosition
1Dr. Moses J. Kolet PrincipalChairman
2Dr. Tabassum Sheikh (Arts Faculty)Member
3Dr. Manisha Khemani (Science Faculty)Member
4Mr. Arpit Trivedi (Science Faculty)Member
5Mr. Amir Hamza (Arts Faculty)Member
6Dr. Mukesh Pimpliskar (Biotechnology Department)Member
7Ms Nazneen Momin (Commerce Faculty)Member
8Ms Nusrat Ansari (Information Technology Department)Member
9Ms. Shad Patel (Librarian)Secretary

Library Activities

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