• College has received the “BEST COLLEGE AWARD” from the University of Mumbai on 15th August 2010 on account of valuable academic achievements and participation of the college teachers in the University system through various bodies of the university
  • NAAC reaccreditation with ‘A’ Grade (February 2014)
  • College has BEQET (Best Educational Quality Enhancement Team) Award received by NCQM (National Centre for Quality Management)
  • Jagar Janivancha Award (2nd Position) from the Govt. of Maharashtra 2014
  • College has ISO 9001:2015 certification from BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) quality management system is effectively implemented
  • Best NSS Unit Award at University, State as well as National Level
  • Received the “Best NSS Programme Officer” Award at the National Level
  • Received the “Best Extension Education Unit” Award from the University of Mumbai for two consecutive years
  • Received the “Best Extension Education Teacher” Award from the University of Mumbai
  • Winner of Thane Police Maha-Karandak 1st Position in Bhiwandi Police Parimandal and 2nd and 3rd Positions in Thane Police Commissionerate Zone 2016 and 2017
  • Best Actress Award in Short Film Competition conducted by Thane Police on raising Awareness against Terrorism in 2017-18
  • Winner of Udaan festival (I/II positions), University of Mumbai DLLE Extension Education Street Play competitions 2017, 2018, 2019
  • Received the Best Principal Award through Indo Global Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture 2018
  • Registered under NIRF (National Institutional Ranking Framework) of Government of India since 2018
  • Selected for funding under the prestigious Star College Scheme of Department of Biotechnology, Government of India since 2016
  • Supported under RUSA 2.0 (Rashtriya Ucchatar Shiksha Abhiyaan) of Government of India since 29 September 2018
  • Supported under FIST (Funds for Infrastructure in Science and Technology) programme of Department of Science and Technology, Government of India since 28th December 2018
  • 27 University Rank Holders both at UG and PG levels
Sr. No. Year Name Class Subject Rank/Prize
1. 1992 Ms. Momin Tasneem Adil Akhtar T.Y.B.A. Urdu & Islamic Studies III Rank
2. 1995 Ms. Ansari Rashida Ikramuddin T.Y.B.A. Urdu & Islamic Studies VI Rank
3. 1995 Ms. Shaikh Shaheen Shamsuzzamann T.Y.B.A. English & Islamic Studies VII Rank
4. 1995 Ms. Shaikh Parveen Mohd Yusuf T.Y.B.A. English & Islamic Studies VIII Rank
5. 1999 Ms. Sarole Rumin Fakir Mohd. T.Y.B.A. Urdu & Islamic Studies VI Rank
6. 2001 Ms. Bahaduri Sana T.Y.B.A. Highest marks in English Prize Winner
7. 2002 Ms. Qadri Rumin Fakir Mohd T.Y.B.A. Islamic Studies Prize Winner
8. 2002 Ms. Fakih Taqdees Ab. Khalik T.Y.B.A. Islamic Studies Prize Winner
9. 2002 Ms. Khot Sharmeen Asmat T.Y.B.A. Urdu Prize Winner
10. 2005 Ms. Agha Ayesha T.Y.B.A. English Saraswati Advani Prize
11. 2006 Ms. Fakih Simi T.Y.B.A. English Hugling Prize
12. 2010 Ms. Bardi Ayesha T.Y.B.A. English I Rank & Saraswati Advani and Hugling Prize
13. 2010 Ms. Fakih Zulfa T.Y.B.Sc. Physics

I Rank

The Gibbs Prize

The Rustomjee Hirjee Readymoney Prize

The Dr.  Dinshah Jamshedji Davar Memorial Scholarship

14. 2010 Ms. Momin Ansa T.Y.B.Sc. Physics II Rank
15. 2010 Ms. Rais Sadiya T.Y.B.Sc. Physics III Rank
16. 2011 Ms. Azmi Sumaiya T.Y.B.Sc. Botany I Rank
17. 2011 Ms. Anam Shahid M.Sc. Zoology I Rank and Gold Medalist
18. 2011 Ms. Ghate Aqsa T.Y.B.Sc.I.T Information Technology III Rank
19. 2014 Ms. Ansari ZamZam T.Y.B.Sc. Physics III Rank
20. 2014 Ms. Ansari Asba T.Y.B.Sc. Botany II Rank
21. 2014 Ms. Aqleem Rukhsar T.Y.B.Sc. Mathematics I Rank
22. 2015 Ms. Pawle Taqdees T.Y.B.Sc. Mathematics I Rank
23. 2015 Ms. Kuwari Sundus T.Y.B.A. Eng. & Islamic Studies University Rank
24. 2015 Ms. Momin Safa T.Y.B.A. Philosophy I Rank
25. 2015 Ms. Hani Ayesha T.Y.B.Sc.I.T Information Technology I Rank
26. 2016 Ms. Sarwar Nabila T.Y.B.Sc. Physics The Late Shri Meghshyam Raghunath Ingle & The Late Smt. Krishnabai Meghshyam Ingle Prize for 2016 for securing Highest Marks in Physics from among successful female candidates
27. 2019 Ms. Kazi Ulfa MSc Botany The Swatantraveer Sawarkar Memorial Gold Medal for securing overall First Rank in M.Sc., all subjects taken together